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  • Comic: A.I. Ad Campaign

    Is Big Tech Taking AI Too Far?; Fast Fashion Challenges Amazon

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. AI? More Like “Ehh, I Don’t Know About That” Ad platforms are plowing ahead with AI-based software that is not ready to fill roles previously served by human expertise.  That means machine-learning-controlled ad products (Google’s Performance Max and Meta Advantage+ shopping campaigns are the […]

  • Comic: "That's fine."

    Where Big Tech And L.L. Bean Coincide; All Fun And No Play

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. Bean Counter A split between two state privacy laws in Maine shows how more data-driven businesses – not just Silicon Valley giants – are invested in the nuances of privacy standards and how consumer data can be used (or not). Lobbyists at the […]

  • Comic: Things no one asked, ever.

    Google Search Volatility Vortex; YouTube Postpones Co-Viewing Ratings

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. Volatile Mosaic One week ago, AdExchanger Daily noted an update to Google Search rankings based on open hours where stores or local services plummet from search result pages when they’re closed. But it isn’t just local businesses or happening during open hours. Google […]

  • Digital advertising

    Actually, Your Phone *Is* Listening To You; Google’s Quiet Enhanced Conversion Update

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. Can You Hear Me Now? Consumers wary about targeted ads are convinced their devices are eavesdropping on their conversations. Most marketers insist that’s not the case, and their use of other targeting signals has gotten so sophisticated that it just feels like your […]

  • Why The Gray Lady Misses Its Old Ads Biz; Google’s Location Data Update Changes Nothing

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. When Ad Dependence Is Independence Buried in a worthwhile Economist longread about mainstream news and The New York Times struggling to balance revenue needs with journalistic standards is an interesting nugget about the value of an ad-based business versus one that relies on […]

  • Netflix Actually Shared Viewership Data; Why Xbox Is The Key For Microsoft Ads

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. Watch Party Advertisers and creators have dinged Netflix in the past for its lack of transparency into streaming ratings. Netflix answered critics this week with a surprise data dump – its first real viewership report. The report, which Netflix will release twice a […]

  • Messing around in the Privacy Sandbox

    The Trade Desk Ditches The Sandbox; An Epic Battle

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. Sandboxers In The Ring The Trade Desk is saying farewell to the Chrome Privacy Sandbox, and it’s firing parting shots on the way out. In its view, the APIs in the Privacy Sandbox will devalue open internet advertising, while Google’s ad tech business […]

  • Jezebel Tries A Programmatic Reprieve?; Streamers Mourn Subscriber Churn

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. Second Chance Jezebel lives again. The snarky feminist digital pub relaunched Monday, and it is modeling its digital ad strategy on that of its new parent, indie publisher Paste Magazine, Adweek reports. About a quarter of Paste’s revenue stems from private marketplace deals […]

  • Google’s New Algo Update Factors In Hours Of Operation; The Big Data Behind Big Chips

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. After-Hours FOMO When Google updates its search algorithm, as it did in November, the SEO world scrambles to reverse engineer the changes and discover which levers Google pulled in the background. Which is the context behind a recent discovery by SEO expert Joy […]

  • The MFA Economy; Will Reddit Ever Not Be Reddit?

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. More Like Fixalate, Amiright? Pixalate just published its October made-for-advertising (MFA) report. And it isn’t pulling punches. Most MFA reports don’t detail revenue contributions by specific media companies or SSPs. Or, if they do, it’s just to pick on Google. Pixalate does pick […]

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Must Read

LG Electronics

Alphonso Shareholders Win Their Suit Against LG Electronics Over Corporate Board Drama

After being summarily booted from the board of LG Ads in late 2022, Alphonso’s founding team has won its lawsuit against LG Electronics.

Bye-Bye Sizmek! Amazon Advances Flashtalking And Smartly As Alternatives In Advance Of The Shutdown

According to emails seen by AdExchanger that were sent to Amazon customers this week, Amazon is officially naming integration partners to offload clients of the Sizmek ad suite, now the Amazon Ad Server.

2024 Promises More Premium Inventory – And Bigger Budgets – For In-Game Ads

Given the deprecation of third-party cookies and the reemergence of contextual targeting, 2024 could be a big year for in-game ads – so long as game publishers position themselves as a source of premium inventory.

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AdExchanger’s Top 3 Connected TV Newsletter Issues Of 2023

This was such a busy year in CTV land that we had to launch a dedicated newsletter just to keep up with all the trends, from measurement, currency, targeting and attribution to streaming data, identity, supply-path optimization and new ad formats – just to name a few.

M&A 2023: Ad Tech Deals Were Muted, But That Could Be A Mark Of Maturity

Who got bought in 2023, and who did the buying? Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some of the most notable ad tech M&A activity from this past year (with a few media and agency deals tossed in for good measure).

Comic: The Great Data Lakes

Snowflake Acquires Data Clean Room Startup Samooha

Snowflake has acquired Samooha, a startup that develops software to make clean room technology accessible to marketers who aren’t necessarily SQL wizards or data scientists.